10 Ways to Negotiate a Medical Bill


Make Sure Your Health Plan Pays

We've all been there. The medical bill comes in the mail and we write a check without really studying the statement. Sometimes, though, insurance companies don't pay their fair share. That's why it's important to scrutinize your bill. If you disagree with your insurer's decision, make sure you contest it through the normal appeals process. Sometimes insurance companies can be stubborn, so you might have to escalate the matter. If push comes to shove, contact your state representatives who can provide you with information on how to resolve the matter. They may steer you to the state attorney general, the state insurance department or a health care advocate office.

Under the new health care reform law, insurance companies are mandated to implement an appeals process if a claim is disputed. If the patient is still not satisfied with the outcome of the internal review, he can ask for an independent review of the coverage. Decisions to rescind coverage are also subject to appeal [source: Jost].