Where can I find a list of college admissions essay questions?

What should I do with my list of college essay questions?
Practicing your writing skills in advance can help you prepare for college essays.
Practicing your writing skills in advance can help you prepare for college essays.
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The college essay is your chance to rise to the top of the application pile, and admissions officials want you to do well. That's why so many colleges include essay writing advice or tips on their official Web sites. Some colleges read the essays only when applicants are borderline for admission or are in close contention with other applicants. Other institutions read every single one, even when they number in the tens of thousands [source: Cohen]. On their undergraduate admissions Web pages, the Notre Dame Admissions Committee claims that they "find your Essays to be the most enjoyable part of the application reading process" [source: University of Notre Dame].

To make the most of this opportunity, once you have your essay questions, practice writing your essay(s) using the tips provided by the college or from one of the links in this article. If you're lucky, your junior and senior high school language arts teachers incorporate essay writing into the curriculum. Even with essay writing experience, it can be hard to frame a well-organized, comprehensive, thoughtful answer in 500 words or less. You might need to approach the questions from a few different perspectives before you find the right formula.

When you construct an essay that satisfies you, ask a trusted teacher to proofread and critique it. Make any changes required, and type the essay into a word processor or text editor so that you can copy and paste it onto the electronic college application. This will help prevent errors and typos that might occur if you retype the essay into the essay window when you're filling out the application form.

Finally, submit your college essay, along with any other application materials, well before the submission deadline. This shows colleges that you're serious about developing your future potential with their institution.

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