Where can I find a list of college admissions essay questions?

Other Sources for College Essay Questions

For some colleges, you may only be able to access current essay questions by setting up an Internet account to initiate the application process, or by requesting application materials through the mail. Before you take that step, you should check to see if the college you're interested in is one of the 391 institutions that accept the Common Application for Undergraduate Admissions [source: The Common Application]. You can download a copy of the Common Application to view essay questions and find supplemental information for a number of participating colleges, including additional essay questions they ask. If you're applying to several colleges that accept the Common Application, you'll only have to fill it out once, including the essay portion.

The Universal College Application is similar to the Common Application in that you can fill it out once (including the essay) and submit it to several colleges. Currently, only 85 schools accept it [source: Universal College Application].

Another useful Internet resource is College Board. Here, you can sample actual essay questions from several colleges, as well as get an overview of the type of questions colleges ask prospective students to answer and what they're looking for in your answers. This site offers tips for writing effective essays; advice on creating your essay draft; and two sample essays with imbedded drop-down menu critiques.

Official college blogs, such as the Georgia Institute of Technology's admissions blog, sometimes post freshmen application essay questions. While you're surfing around the Internet looking for information, don't waste your time on Web sites that offer to sell you editing services or "winning" essays. Stick to sites that are affiliated with colleges (these should end in ".edu") and the ones mentioned above. Information that you find from these primary sources will be more accurate and valuable than what you'll find at secondary or commercial sites.

So you've got a list of college essay questions. See what you should do with them on the next page.