10 Top Tips for Preparing for the MCAT


Post-Mortem Your Tests

Since you'll be studying a few post-mortem subjects in medical school anyway, you might as well get started by looking over your expired tests. Remember, tests don't stop with the grade. There's a lot to gain from examining your finished work. Go through every practice test, identifying the questions that you got wrong and analyzing why you didn't know the right answer. If you drew a blank, for example, on the more arcane details of the citric acid cycle in cells, that's a tipoff that you might have dozed off during that lecture in freshman biology and need to brush up on that subject [source: Miller and Bissell].

The Baylor College of Medicine's Web site offers this useful suggestion [source: Baylor College of Medicine]:

On the other hand, if you misinterpreted the question or were tripped up by its wording, that may be a sign that a certain question format is your Achilles' heel. The MCAT uses various question types. If you can identify the type that gives you trouble, then you can come up with tactics for handling those questions.