Is it safe to buy things from Amazon?

Ways to Protect Yourself When Shopping on Amazon

There are plenty of things you can do to keep your information secure when shopping at Amazon or any other Web site.
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Just because Amazon's servers won't reveal your password doesn't mean it can't be stolen. There are plenty of tricks an Internet-savvy criminal can use to get what he's looking for. In fact, many victims unwittingly provide all the information cyber thieves need.

To keep your personal information safe -- including your credit card and bank account numbers -- take steps to protect yourself when shopping on Amazon and other Web sites. Always log off public computers after using them, and keep passwords private. When choosing a password, incorporate letters, numbers and characters, and change it often. Never give your password, credit card or bank account information to anyone under any circumstance, even if you receive a phone call or e-mail from a person claiming to be affiliated with Amazon. The company will never ask for this information, so if you receive such a request, you're not speaking with a legitimate Amazon employee.


It's safe to purchase items on Amazon using the SSL software, but it's important to give special attention to the site's third-party vendors. If you're unsure about a seller's credibility, read feedback from other buyers. Amazon guarantees all items purchased from Merchant and Amazon Marketplace sellers, as well as sellers on third-party Web sites using Amazon Payments. However, the company specifies that purchases from eLuxury, the Target Store and are not covered under their Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee.

Finally, never provide a seller with your credit card information or pay for an item by wire transfer, personal check or cash. When purchasing an item from Amazon or a third-party vendor, checkout using the SSL software only. This will guarantee that your credit card information is encrypted, protected and safe.

For more on how to keep your information secure when shopping online, check out the links below.

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