How to Make Money Without a Job

Selling Your Services

In the age of Facebook and LinkedIn, every individual is also a brand. If you want to make money without working a traditional job, then you need to develop and market your unique skill set. You might be the best "human beat box" in three counties, but no one is going to pay you to record a beat box birthday card unless they can find you. That's where come in.

At Fiverr — and copycat sites like GigBucks and TenBux — you can offer any service to the world for the low price of five dollars. Advertising your service is free, but Fiverr takes one dollar of every sale. Popular offerings are voiceovers in various comical accents, short writing projects, customized cartoons, logo design, Photoshop editing and Web site promotion.

Do you like taking surveys? (Check box A for "Yes" and box B for "No"). Companies like Harris Polls will pay you in points for taking 15 to 20-minute online surveys. The points can then be redeemed for gift cards to sites like Amazon and iTunes. There are other polling companies that pay in cash, but beware of scams.

You could also sign up to be part of a clinical medical trial – and get paid far better than for taking online surveys (sometimes thousands of dollars). Trials for weight loss, depression, diabetes and other issues are offered all over the country. The U.S. government has a Web site that lists them but hospitals and private sites also advertise for volunteers. Of course you need to weigh the risks of the trials against how much you stand to earn.

Then there's the fine art of blogging for dollars. Do you have fascinating things to say about technology, movies, politics, food, sports and/or celebrity news? Can you churn out 300-word chunks of scannable copy every hour? Do you basically live on Twitter and Facebook? Then you might be ready to become a professional blogger. The best way to blog your way to "riches" is by using Google AdSense. Google automatically posts ads on your site that it believes will be good matches for your readers. Every time a site visitor clicks on an ad, you get a cut of the fee paid to Google. Warning: You do need a lot of traffic to your site to generate some decent cash.

If you have financial savvy and a gambler's gut instinct, "day trading" offers the possibility of making Wall Street money from the comfort of Main Street. In the late 1990s, when the stock market was riding the Internet bubble, there was an explosion in home-based stock speculation. Now day traders are back [source: Segal]. Day traders aren't your average investor. They are looking for short-term gains, to flip shares quickly for a profit and get out before the momentum shifts. Just recognize that a very small percentage of day traders make enough money to quit their actual day job and a much larger percentage lose money [source: Segal].

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