How to Make Money on eBay

Becoming a Power Seller

eBay has a hierarchy of sellers on the site. Where do you fall?
eBay has a hierarchy of sellers on the site. Where do you fall?
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Once you've become a successful eBay seller, you can set your sights on becoming a PowerSeller, a special designation that's based on your record of selling high-quality products, providing good customer service, and achieving a certain quantity of completed sales. Higher sales volume results in higher PowerSeller tiers, while good customer feedback leads to Top-rated seller status.

To become a PowerSeller, you must achieve at least $3,000 in sales and 100 transactions over a twelve month period. Additional minimum requirements must also be met, including an account in good standing and 90 days on the site.

Sellers must also maintain excellent feedback and detailed seller ratings (DSRs). PowerSellers must receive 98 percent positive feedback over the past twelve months as well as high detailed seller ratings in four key areas: item as described, communication, shipping time, and shipping and handling charges.

Five tiers of PowerSellers are offered based on sales volume.

  • Bronze: $3,000 in annual sales or 100 transactions
  • Silver: $36,000 in annual sales or 3,600 transactions
  • Gold: $120,000 in annual sales or 12,000 transactions
  • Platinum: $300,000 in annual sales or 30,000 transactions
  • Titanium: $1,800,000 in annual sales or 180,000 transactions

As a PowerSeller, you can use your earned designation to promote your business, helping to establish confidence and a positive reputation. In addition, eBay offers higher levels of customer support and account servicing as your tier ranking climbs, including UPS rate discounts, health insurance options, discussion boards, and marketing templates. PowerSellers must comply with all eBay policies, including rules against shill bidding (a tactic that artificially inflates an article's value), feedback manipulation, or counterfeit policies; the number of allowed violations increases with the tier level.

Top-rated seller designations are reviewed every month, and require a minimum of 100 transactions and high ratings on DSRs. In addition to Power Seller benefits, Top-rated sellers receive 20 percent discounts on final value fees, promotion in best match search results for fixed priced listings, and a top rated seller badge on item pages.

Ready to get started and sell your first item? Visit eBay's Seller Information Center to learn everything you need to know about setting up your business and making the most of this online marketplace.

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