How do deal-of-the-day Web sites work?

How to Spot Great Online Deals of the Day

Many daily deals are targeted to specific cities and their local businesses, so bigger cities usually have the choicest picks of daily deals. The best way to find great online deals of the day is to subscribe to the daily deal e-mails. This likely means a teeming inbox to sort through every morning, but if you're a happy bargain hunter, then it's worth the legwork. You can also save time by visiting Web sites like that gather deals from different companies in one place; think of it as an for daily deals. Also, many of the big daily deal companies have apps for your phone, which may be preferable to sorting through all of those e-mails. Keep a list of the sites you like to check and make it part of your morning routine.

Time is of the essence for a lot of the great deals, so the early bird catches the worm. Meaning, if you see one that interests you, don't delay your purchase. It used to be that most sites just offered a single deal of the day, but many sites are starting to offer multiple deals now, so be sure to scroll all the way down to see all of your options. You may even find it easier to view them directly on the daily deal Web site. If you're new to the daily deal concept, ask friends in your area for their favorite sites and start with those.

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