5 Tips on Finding Great Online Shopping Deals


Become a Rewards Member

Online retailers rely on repeat business, and to cultivate loyal shoppers, they offer any number of rewards programs designed to keep customers coming back. The enticements usually include the promise of extra discounts if you sign up for promotional e-mails, join their buyers' clubs or just fill out a simple questionnaire. Providing personal information like an e-mail address and possibly a few details about your buying habits may qualify you for free freight on your next purchase, discount coupons or even freebies.

If you think you may buy from the e-tailer again, and don't mind sharing some personal details, signing up for rewards can save you money a number of ways. You'll often be informed of upcoming sales and may have access to limited inventory items before they're made available to the general public. You may also become eligible for additional discounts when your purchases exceed a certain amount or include specific products.