5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Shop for Groceries


The Strategy

Some folks compile their grocery lists by department to save on backtracking once they get to the store. Others buy frozen items last and group frozen foods together at the checkout to keep them cold for the ride home. In a nutshell, they have strategies that work for them. You, too, probably have a strategy or two for smart shopping that you can share with your child.

You may like to visit three grocery stores a week to suss out the best bargains, score the freshest produce or take advantage of marked down deli items. You may even prefer to visit the farmers market for produce and give your meat business to a dedicated butcher shop. The way you shop is actually a function of your style and part of the culture of your family. Passing that along can be pretty satisfying -- as satisfying as teaching your child to fish, or sew or cook. Grocery shopping may not be a laugh-a-minute, but teaching your child to shop can be a fun and memory making proposition. So grab a cart and get started.

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