5 Tips for Teaching Kids How to Shop for Groceries


The Goods

We've mentioned the importance of unit pricing, but product packaging also contains lots of important information your child should understand when he shops. Being able to locate size or volume details, and developing a basic understanding of nutrition labels will make the task of picking the right pasta or choosing the most nutritious energy bars easier. Take your child on a tour of your cupboards to familiarize him with the location of the label information on the goods you buy most often. That way he can learn the ropes one step at a time with products he knows and understands.

The produce department can also present some challenges. It can be hard for a kid to identify the difference between an orange and a tangerine, or between a white and yellow onion. The nice thing about most major markets is that there's a produce manager on duty who's trained and willing to offer suggestions. Finding a ripe avocado or a waxy potato is hard for many adults, so make sure your kids know there's help available for the asking.