10 Tips for Becoming a Frugal Homemaker


Stay In

You've heard about the staycation, but what about a "stay date" with friends to save some money? American households spend more than $600 per year on entertainment like movie and concert tickets [source: McIntyre]. Rather than heading out to dinner and a movie, invite your friends over for a low-key dinner or even an old-fashioned night of board games. You can make the evening a bit more special by asking people to bring snacks and drinks.

One way to turn an evening at home into a memorable occasion is to come up with a theme and have themed snacks and a signature cocktail. For example, if you're getting together to watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's," name whatever cocktail you decide to make a "Holly Golightly" after the film's main character, and serve finger foods that are takes on breakfast fare, like miniature quiches, toast points with butter and jam, and chocolate croissants.

We touched on one way that crafting can save money on the previous page. Next, we've got some more crafty ideas to make budgeting a bit more fun.