10 Tips for Becoming a Frugal Homemaker


Enjoy the Occasional Splurge

People only have so much willpower, and while it might seem counter-intuitive, the occasional splurge will help you stick to your budget in the long run [source: Tierny]. Sometimes you need a break from all the decision-making that goes into frugal grocery shopping.

Just remember to think of those indulgences as an occasional thing. Maybe you can afford to eat take-out once a month or to treat yourself to a nice bottle of wine for a special occasion. Indulging yourself from time to time can help you stay focused on your budgetary goals.

If you're worried about opening the spending floodgates, you can even work those little splurges right into your budget and set aside actual cash to spend on them. Say you have $50 a month set aside for yourself, get $50 in cash at the bank or ATM to ensure you're not swiping that credit card for something that's even slightly over your budgeted amount [source: Siddons].

Running a frugal household may mean giving some things up, but it doesn't have to mean feeling deprived all of the time. For more tips on living well and on budget, go to our next page.

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