10 Best Web Sites to Save You Money


Daily Deals in Your Town

You might find a discount on yoga or fitness classes online.
You might find a discount on yoga or fitness classes online.
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Want to be the first to learn about all the great deals in your city, without the hassle of searching multiple sites each day? CitiesOnTheCheap searches for the best local deals and freebies, then combines them into a single daily newsletter for members. You'll learn about the current Groupon specials in your area, as well as deals offered directly by local stores. The site even provides coupon downloads, as well as free MP3s and other types of entertainment.

Membership is free, and you can even browse each day's newsletter without signing up if you like. Best of all, CitiesOnTheCheap covers a large number of cities and towns to meet the needs of locals and tourists all across the country.

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