Top 5 Volunteer Organizations for Retirees


Peace Corps

Forget the stereotype of the Peace Corps being nothing but hippies fresh off college campuses. Yes, the average Peace Corps volunteer is 28 years old, but the federal agency that places volunteers across the world is actively courting baby boomers with its 50 Plus initiative. [source: Peace Corps].

Peace Corps volunteers serve in 77 host countries around the globe working on a variety of projects such as teaching children, combating the health, social and economic problems related to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and bringing clean water to remote communities. Volunteers commit to serve in an overseas community for 27 months [source: Peace Corps].

More than 5 percent of Peace Corps 7,500 volunteers are age 50 or older. The 50 Plus initiative took root just a few years ago, but the Corps has long welcomed retired volunteers. Lillian Carter, President Jimmy Carter's mother, served as a Peace Corps nurse when she was 70 [source: Peace Corps].

You won't get rich (financially, that is) working for Peace Corps, but the organization does offer benefits, including language training and a monthly living allowance (typically $200 to $230 per month). Additionally, time spent volunteering for Peace Corps is considered federal service time for retirement purposes [source: Peace Corps].