How Volunteers of America Works

Volunteers of America Services

Volunteers of America offers services for all aspects of life. The organization's volunteers provide care in more than 400 communities for the people who need it the most [source: Volunteers of America]. Services involve:

  • Improving the physical and emotional development of families and children (including runaways)
  • Strengthening communities by holding events and opening affordable thrift stores
  • Supporting the recently incarcerated through counseling and halfway houses
  • Helping people who have developmental disabilities or mental illnesses
  • Providing a wide range of services for the elderly, including housing, transportation, referrals, information, protection and health care
  • Reaching the homeless through mobile outreach and street outreach programs
  • Assisting homeless veterans with health care, housing and employment assistance

Volunteers of America also provides services relating to emergencies, mental health and substance abuse. To learn more about these programs, search the organization's Web site or contact your local office. Volunteers of America lists all of its state offices online.

Want to get involved? Read on to learn about how you can volunteer.