How to Volunteer Nursing Services

Benefits of Being a Volunteer Nurse

When you volunteer as a nurse, you're providing health care and comfort to people who are in a state of physical weakness. Helping someone feel better is the top benefit of providing your services free of charge. You're also getting extra hands-on training and the ability to network within the medical field. Depending on where you volunteer, you may also receive additional perks.

At the Hartford Hospital in Connecticut, volunteers receive meal passes, access to the employee fitness center, free parking, access to the Hartford Hospital Medical Sciences and Robinson Libraries, recreational activities through the Employees' Council, health screenings and free educational seminars. At Randolph Hospital in North Carolina, volunteers also receive gift shop discounts, free annual vaccinations, tax deductions and discounts at local businesses and attractions. Most volunteer programs also offer an annual volunteer recognition banquet or party, where you can be recognized for all of your hard work.

Now that you know more about being a nursing volunteer, get out there and get involved. You will meet new people, use your hard-earned skills and emotionally and spiritually benefit from your work. Most importantly, your patients and volunteer managers will be eternally grateful.

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