How to Volunteer Nursing Services

Volunteer Nursing Training

Depending on what type of nursing you'll be doing, you may need to sign up for training. Some programs have one-time training opportunities, or you may be asked to participate in a training schedule. The Maryland Board of Nursing trains medical staff to help out in disaster situations as part of the Maryland Professional Volunteer Corps. The board is revamping its training program to include face-to-face training, online classes and refreshers, conferences, tabletop exercises, networking and drills.

Volunteers for the Visiting Nurse Service of Hospice and Palliative Care in Akron, Ohio, attend two four-hour training sessions to learn how to care for hospice patients. Those who are already involved with the group mentor general volunteers and volunteer nurses. Then volunteers are matched with opportunities that best suit their interests and needs.

You can also find training opportunities for volunteer nursing abroad. Many organizations offer opportunities for international volunteering. You may need to participate in language or cultural training before you leave the United States.

Why sign up to be a volunteer nurse? Read on to learn about the benefits of being a nursing volunteer.