Whether you love or hate your job, you probably spend a good amount of time contemplating what's next. The Career Channel helps you explore the world of work and learn about your employment options.

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These jobs probably weren't on your list of what you wanted to be when you grew up. But now that you're in the rat race, you may wonder if a dirty job is more profitable than your desk jockey career.

By Jane McGrath

Our society puts a lot of stock in antiquity. But if doctors abided by the original Hippocratic Oath, surgery wouldn't be an option and medical school would be free. Is it time for an update to the oath?

By Jacob Silverman

Proof that we're living in the incredible future: We can conduct serious business in our pajamas. Which work-from-home jobs are the most lucrative?

By Dave Roos & Laurie L. Dove


Information technology applies to a number of different careers and fields. Learn more about information technology in this article.

By Dave Roos

Next time you're bored at work, remember you could be doing a job that is life-threatening. Learn about the 10 most dangerous jobs in America, including being a logger, roofer, or farmer.

By the Editors of Publications International, Ltd.

Thanks to books, movies and TV shows, many people have a clear mental image of the stereotypical private investigator. Separate fact from fiction and find out exactly what a private investigator does.

By Tracy V. Wilson

It's hard to pull off a dressy affair without calling in the caterers. In most cases, a formal event lives and dies by the talent and toil of these service professionals. Learn all about the world of catering.

By Katherine Neer


Ever have a great story idea? Ever consider writing it up? Getting published in a magazine is not as hard as you may think. Find out what it takes to get paid by the word.

By Laura Schaefer