How to Advance in a Company

How to Impress Your Company's Leaders

Trying to impress the leadership in your organization can be a lot like trying to date the prom queen -- there is real danger of looking desperate. The best approach is to be a go-getter, but be reliable. In other words, it's important to take on extra assignments, but do so only if you are able to complete them thoroughly and on time. This is a sure way to get noticed by your superiors.

In general, the best way to impress your boss and other leaders in your organization is to be incredibly good at your current job. This is because anyone who is considering you for a promotion is going to first evaluate your current and past performance. And if being an ace at your work isn't enough to get you the job you want, here are some additional tips for getting noticed by the boss:

  • Be an excellent representative when dealing with people outside the company -- nothing is more impressive than having an important client sing your praises to the boss.
  • Be knowledgeable about the entire organization -- good leaders have a strong sense of the interdependence of teams and departments.
  • Be well-informed about your field -- having in-depth knowledge of a specific thing can be great if your goal is to have a niche in your company, but rarely are those with only a narrow subset of information considered for bigger roles.
  • Be good-looking -- OK, this isn't actually a tip for getting ahead, but some experts say that a good professional make-over can improve your image within a company [source: BNET]

Lastly, be sure your boss and others on your team are aware of your good work. Send a weekly summary of achievements to all concerned parties and keep a list of your major accomplishments and milestones that you can refer to during your performance reviews [source:]. And don't be discouraged if your efforts don't immediately pay off. It takes time to build up a solid reputation in an organization. Just be consistent, and your reward is sure to come.

Once you've thoroughly impressed the top brass in your organization, you'll probably be in a good position for taking on more responsibilities and earning more money. In the next section, we offer tips for successfully changing roles within your organization.