10 Tips for Your Job Search


Stay on a Company's Radar

Think of searching for a job as if you're looking for a mate. With each potential match, you want to impress them with your abilities and show them you're interested by calling them. Obviously, a company is not a date. And your interaction with a hiring manager should always be strictly professional. But remember, you are wooing potential employers, in a matter of speaking. And you're definitely trying to show them that you're the one. So, just as you might persistently chase the man or woman of your dreams, you should pursue the job of your dreams with the same intensity.

One of the primary ways to stay on the mind of a potential employer is to follow up with them. You should contact them again by phone or e-mail within a week or two after submitting your résumé or application. If you make it to the interview process, it is also helpful to send a personal thank-you note to the person who interviewed you.

In all interactions with potential employers, always be polite and considerate of their time. And just like with dating, you don't want to wind up in stalker territory. Be sure not to follow up excessively or to the point of harassment. And definitely don't contact a company that specifically requests no follow-ups.

There may be an easier "in" with a company. Check out the next section to learn what that could be.