10 Tips for Your Job Search


Target Your Industry

Go to any online job search engine, and you'll be able to select employment advertisements by industry or job type. But you should be aware that many companies in your industry don't advertise on these one-size-fits-all job sites. Think of it like this: If you were going to start a home improvement project, you could go to a discount department store like Walmart and find plenty of basic items. However, if you really wanted a wide selection and hard-to-find items for your project, you'd go to a hardware store. Look at industry-specific sites as the hardware stores of your job search. Whether your career is in publishing, information technology, healthcare, human resources, financial services or any other large industry, you can find job search sites specific to it. In addition to searching for jobs on these sites, you often can post your résumé on them as well.

Another way you can target jobs in your industry is to visit the corporate Web sites of companies that you're interested in within your industry. Many will post job openings on the "careers" section of their Web site. If you don't find the specific job opening you're looking for, find out who runs the department you'd like to work in, then send your résumé directly to that person.

One more option is to work with a headhunter or job recruitment specialist. Often, these people will work for companies to bring in stand-out candidates for a job. However, you can hire one yourself to help you find jobs within your industry. Just be sure to ask around before hiring -- you want to make sure you're working with someone effective and legitimate.

On the next page, we'll show you a way to go from targeting an industry to targeting specific employers.