10 Worst Corporate Icebreakers



Most people don't enjoy being screamed at, even if it's in a structured setting.
Most people don't enjoy being screamed at, even if it's in a structured setting.
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Some icebreaker activities can be fun -- when you're a kid looking for a stress relief at school. Those same activities, though, might be intimidating or unpleasant when you're an adult trying to act professional. Screamer fits both of these categories.

In "screamer," everyone in the room gets in a large circle so they can see one another. Then, they put their heads down and close their eyes. When the activity leader shouts "heads up," everyone has to look immediately straight into the eyes of someone else in the room. If that same person is looking back, the pair is supposed to point at each other and scream loudly. Each new pair is "out," meaning that they leave the circle of play, and heads go down for the next round.

This is a creative way to pair off young students for classroom activities. The screams of kids playing is normal and happy, and often accompanied by laughter. For professional adults, though, Screamer can make a tense, uncomfortable situation worse. The screams of adults on the job are unsettling compared to kids at play.

In addition, as with "bumper collision," your attitude toward the activity could be misconstrued no matter which way you lean. You could be mistakenly branded as too stuffy if you're not playful enough, but your co-workers may think you're not serious about your job if you're too playful and laugh a lot.

If screaming wasn't bad enough, the next icebreaker will really reach out to grab you.