10 Worst Corporate Icebreakers


I Like Me Because ...

Listening to someone brag about themselves for two solid minutes can be torture.
Listening to someone brag about themselves for two solid minutes can be torture.
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One of the hardest things about getting to know people in the workplace is that you don't get to see what they're like outside the office. So in an effort to learn more about others as well as improve everyone's self-esteem, some group leaders initiate the "I like me because..." game.

In this game, everyone breaks into pairs, and each person takes a turn to talk about himself or herself. But they don't get to talk about just anything -- for two minutes straight, each person must state reasons why they like themselves. Meanwhile, the listening partner is not allowed to say anything; instead the partner must practice using open and encouraging body language.

Two minutes could feel like two hours in this game, where discomfort is a practically a guarantee. Many people get extremely uneasy when they're called to talk themselves up. For others, two minutes is barely enough time to explain why they're so awesome. For one it's torture; for the other it's an excessive ego boost. Not only that, but whoever gets paired with these people must suffer through either painful stammering or droning self praise.

Other get-to-know-you icebreakers call for everyone to confess awkward personal information to the group. In an effort to loosen people up and get them laughing, some group leaders will ask each person to reveal his or her most embarrassing moments, or maybe even their greatest fears. But what if a participant's greatest fear is public speaking... about embarrassing moments?

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