10 Worst Corporate Icebreakers


Human Knot

There's really no need to bring "Twister" into the workplace.
There's really no need to bring "Twister" into the workplace.
Michael Blann/Digital Vision/Getty Images

Americans value their personal space, as evidenced by strict workplace harassment laws and even the popular "Seinfeld" episode featuring the "close talker," who doesn't understand the rules of proper social distance. But this icebreaker throws those considerations out the window.

In the "human knot" game, co-workers gather in circles and must grab hold of the hands of the people who are across from them (right hands on right hands, and left on left).

Then, without letting go of any hands, the group must find a way to maneuver themselves out of the entanglement. Another more complicated variation incorporates ropes with loops that participants put their hands through, which results in just as much inappropriate touching.

Although it may sound like a game meant for adolescents, surprisingly, businesses have been known to use this game in office meetings.

Intimacy is tricky at the office. Guess who would relish the next icebreaker? Your favorite co-worker, Narcissus. Keeping reading to learn about the "I like me because..." game.