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Marketers can survey attendees directly.
Marketers can survey attendees directly.
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Marketing and Sales

The goal of every good marketing department is to generate leads for its sales representatives. If you've ever wondered why every city, big or small, needs a conference center, this is it. Conferences and trade shows allow vendors to reach the ears and eyes of thousands of potential clients.­

With Web seminars, marketing departments have a cheaper, targeted method for generating leads without having to travel to the annual trade show. They can simply contact potential clients via e-mail and invite them to an online product launch or product demo.

Through the online registration process, they can gather useful information about the client and use that to measure the success of the presentation by business sectors. Web-seminar software makes it easy to generate reports about who attended and what they thought of the presentation. It's also easy to schedule personalized follow-up e-mails to direct potential clients to sales reps.

With the application-sharing feature of Web seminars, software or Web services companies can even conduct online test-drives of their new products.

Employee Training

Companies can save money by training new and existing employees through Web seminars rather than paying for dozens of separate in-person sessions. Depending on the group size, trainers can add different levels of interactivity to the training, from two-way audio to question-and-answer sessions.

For industries with strict compliance standards, Web seminars offer an easy way to document the employee's attendance. It's also easy to record the training session for future use or for employees who couldn't attend the live session.


More and more colleges and universities are adding online degrees. Web seminars offer a dynamic way to improve the quality and depth of the online learning experience. Rather than simply reading class materials, students can listen and watch live or on-demand online presentations.

As with employee training, depending on class size, students can have the option of communicating with the instructor and each other via audio, chat or IM.

Corporate Meetings

With Web seminars, executives can gather their entire company at a moment's notice for important "town hall" meetings to share news and information of crucial importance to the company's success. These are also an excellent opportunity for company-wide Webcasts, which can be broadcast both online and on closed-circuit television systems. With the high-security standards of Web seminars, confidential information won't leave the "room."

Web seminars are an excellent example of how technology is changing the way we do business. With increasing computing power, broadband penetration and the use of mobile computing and communication devices, the traditional office might soon be a thing of the past.

Read on for more information about Web seminars and the technology that makes them tick.

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