How to Join/Host a Conference Call Using Your Mobile Device

Using a mobile device to host or join a
Using a mobile device to host or join a
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Joining a conference call used to mean checking your watch and making sure you were seated at your desk next to a landline phone at the right time. Then you'd have to dial the assigned number and punch in an access code to join the group.


That's no longer the case. Companies have opened offices worldwide, and sales representatives and project managers may be off site or traveling more often. Despite differences in location and time zones, groups still need to get together to discuss budgets, sales campaigns and projects.

Wireless communications have expanded to include PDAs, smartphones, laptop computers and other mobile devices. Today, many participants may join a conference call using a mobile device -- and the host may even be on a mobile device. Knowing how to conference call can be an important business skill, both in taking part in and hosting mobile conference calls.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at mobile conference calling -- from the steps needed to make a simple three-way call to options for joining or hosting a more formal business conference call. We'll consider the software and hosted conference solutions that make conference calls easier. We'll also talk about the newest technology available for improved mobile conference calling.