10 Tips for More Effective PowerPoint Presentations


Train Before Trying

Like most responsibilities required to successfully navigate an office environment, making an effective PowerPoint presentation is an acquired skill. It's also one that's commonly overlooked during training, whether that learning effort is completed independently or in the work setting. It's important to make sure you fully grasp the dos and don'ts necessary to deliver a good PowerPoint presentation before you step in front of a room filled with a hushed and expectant audience; otherwise, whatever important information you have to relay will likely be totally lost on your listeners.

And what's more, in most professional settings, no one is likely to approach the presenter after an awful PowerPoint presentation to let him or her know just how terrible it was and give pointers. A listless round of applause followed by stifled yawns and runs for the coffee machine could be the only clues our poor meeting chair receives that something could be amiss in his or her staging style.

So what's the first pitfall to avoid on the way to a great PowerPoint speech? Find out on the next page.