10 Things You Should Never Buy Online

Scent descriptions can be vague; knowing how a perfume actually smells before buying it is almost a no-brainer. Dan Dalton/Getty Images

We'll preface this one by saying of course you can restock your favorite perfume or cologne if you see a good price online. Or maybe you've spritzed a particular fragrance onto your wrists at a department store and decide later that you'd like to purchase a bottle. In those cases, go ahead and grab one online.

But if you see a beautiful bottle of designer perfume online and are so intrigued by the description that you must have it? Hold that thought. Reading something like "top notes of ylang-ylang mixed with hints of bergamot and patchouli" can be inspiring, sure, but ultimately mystifying about what the perfume actually smells like. Unless you have a finely trained nose, you can't have a real idea of a fragrance until you actually put it on yourself — and it's not good enough to spray it into the air or smell it on a friend, either. The scent will change completely when it's on your body. And once you've opened it up and spritzed it, you're probably out of luck on a return. So always try a fragrance — ideally, let it linger for a few hours — before you buy.