10 Things You Should Never Buy Online

Buying untested makeup online means you're opening yourself up to risk. Linh Vu/EyeEm/Getty Images

Every niche market has its own obsessive Internet world, and there are hundreds that revolve around makeup. There's no end of makeup blogs, makeup reviews and makeup videos, many of them with links to sites where you can instantly snap up all the ingredients you need to look just like Elsa from "Frozen," or to re-create that smoky-eye tutorial you just watched. But without actually holding the products in your hand or, better yet, putting them on your face first, can you really know exactly what you're buying? Even different computer monitors can display colors differently, and not entirely true to life.

Of course, buying online is an excellent option if you're replacing or refilling items you've used before, but think twice before you drop $35 on a Chanel lipstick you've never tried. It might look beautiful on a model, but even if she seems to have the same coloring as you and the lipstick appears to be the perfect shade, your monitor could be throwing things off. Take the time to go to a specialty makeup shop or a department store and test it. It's definitely more time-consuming than getting it all with a couple of clicks, but it's more likely you'll be satisfied.

If you must have that lipstick immediately, make sure you read the return policy closely — opened makeup often isn't returnable.