10 Things You Should Never Buy Online

Designer Knockoffs
The Counterfeit Museum in Paris actually displays originals and fakes, like these Dior bags; the real one is to the left. Yves Forester/Getty Images

We all know there's no shortage of counterfeit and knockoff designer goods on the Internet. (Counterfeit items actually reproduce the designer's labels and symbols, while knockoffs don't. It's illegal everywhere to produce counterfeit designer goods, but it's perfectly legal in most places to buy them.) Whether it's ethical is another debate, but we're just here to make the case that buying them online is not a good idea.

For one, many knockoffs are sold on those unsecure sites that we warned you to run away from, and the sites selling illegal counterfeit goods are most definitely going to be of the shady variety. Who knows what these people will do with your credit-card information, and forget about being able to contact them if there's a problem (which there very well could be). If you do go through with the transaction, the item you receive could be of pretty poor quality. If you must buy knockoffs and counterfeits, you should at least handle and inspect them before you buy.