10 Things You Should Never Buy Online

Illegal Drugs
Buying illegal drugs online presents numerous problems on many different levels. AFP/Getty Images

Illegal drugs are obviously something that, regardless of where you buy them, purchasing puts you at risk. The online market, however, seems to offer a safer, more convenient alternative to more traditional methods of obtaining drugs. Why pay a visit to your friendly neighborhood dealer when you can have everything delivered to your door, totally anonymously, with the click of a mouse?

There are any number of easily accessible websites that sell illegal drugs, but the real action is hidden in the deepest recesses of the Internet, which can be found only using advanced encryption software that makes you untraceable. The currency of choice on these sites is bitcoins, which adds another level of security. The FBI shut down the granddaddy of the black-market sites, Silk Road, in 2013, but dozens of others have sprung up in its place. So buying illegal drugs on line can be surprisingly easy, and it does seem secure. But that doesn't make it any more legal, and potentially more traceable by sophisticated law enforcement agencies. An online transaction is just as illegal as a handshake deal on a corner, and at the end of the day you'll still have no way of knowing if the product you receive is the real deal or something even more dangerous.