10 Unusual Items from McDonald's International Menu


Banana Pie

You could imagine an exotic McDonald's dessert that capitalizes on the array of fruits in Brazil. They could fill their apple pie crust with coconut, Brazil nuts, guava or passion fruit. But Brazilian (and some Malaysian) McDonald's instead offer banana pie.

We think McDonald's got it backward. The Brazilian way to serve banana is not to use the fruit as much as the leaves. Across Brazil, people strip the leaves off the plant and steam a meal or dessert inside. Cassava tamales are a popular example, where inside the banana leaf, there's a dough made of cassava, sugar and Parmesan, as well as a tomato vegetable paste filling. You peel off the leaf after steaming and taste the flavors that have been sealed deliciously inside.

Have room for one more? Then stick with us as we head to Mexican McDonald's for breakfast.