10 Amazing Product Tester Jobs

Luxury Car Test Driver
Take enough Ferraris out for test spins and you might end up with a luxury car to call your own! PhotoAlto/Odilon Dimier/Photo Alto Agency RF Collections/Getty Images

Another full-time, paid job is a luxury car test driver. This means taking the car onto a private course and giving it a workout. Test car drivers are used by companies like BMW, Porsche and Ferrari. If you can't afford a high-end car of your own, this is the next best thing!

Test car drivers should have advanced technical knowledge of automobile mechanics and engineering, as part of their job is reporting performance from nose to tailpipe and many cars are still prototypes. Driving tests measure acceleration, braking, high-speed performance, road performance, comfort, visibility and drivability and are done in conjunction with mechanical engineers [source: Inside Jobs]. You can usually find these jobs at the car manufacturer.