10 Fun Jobs That Pay Well

Wine probably tastes even better when you're being paid to make it. © ColorBlind Images/Corbis

Just about everyone needs to work for a living, unless they're independently wealthy or simply luckier than the rest of us. Some of us go to school to follow a career path, and some of us work our way up the ladder. No matter how we got our jobs or what we do, most people probably agree on two things: We want to make good money, and we want our jobs to be fun.

Many of us have to choose one or the other. Some of us, though, get to have both. Usually the most fun job is one where you get to do what you love. Getting paid well is the cherry on top of the sundae. We found 10 jobs that not only look really fun but also pay pretty well. If you're thinking of changing careers, might we suggest some of these?