10 Amazing Product Tester Jobs

Nike Product Tester
What runner wouldn't want to get paid to exercise in a new pair of shoes? fatchoi/iStock/Thinkstock

The Nike company offers athletes all over the United States the chance to test out its footwear. This testing happens either on-site with one day of trial or at home with several weeks or even months of testing. Potential testers fill out an online application and choose the category in which they wish to participate, then Nike contacts them to let them know whether they've been accepted to the program.

Nike is serious about its testing program, as the running shoes are not yet on the market and the field is very competitive. Nike can remove you for not returning reviews in a punctual manner or for violating confidentiality by posting pictures of a product online or wearing the footwear to a public racing event without permission. You also must immediately return the footwear after testing, so the designers at Nike can examine it for damage or wear and tear.