10 Amazing Product Tester Jobs

Waterslide Tester
Testing waterslides may be a dream job for thrill-seekers who have the guts to brave all sorts of rides, even in chilly weather. Creatas Images/Creatas/Thinkstock

We've saved the best for last — a job testing out waterslides. A waterslide tester visits resorts to try out new water features to ensure they're working safely and correctly, and above all, are fun. As a tester, you check off items like height, water flow, speed and landing, making sure they're all up to the quality of the resort's reputation.

This job requires traveling around the world as your company opens different resorts, but that's just another perk. One waterslide tester says the worst part of his job is testing the slides and flumes in cold weather [source: Daily Mail]. That may be a downside, but it's not too bad, considering you're testing a product that brings fun and excitement to families on vacation everywhere.

Author's note: 10 Amazing Product Tester Jobs

These jobs sure sound pretty fun. Be warned, though, for most of them, you can't just walk in the door and ask for a job. For many, you might have to work your way up to the cool stuff. These positions require a high level of detail and note-taking. Still, to me, it seems pretty worth it. I'm addicted to naps, and the bed tester job sure sounds like my ultimate dream career! Pun intended, of course.

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