10 Amazing Product Tester Jobs

Video Game Tester
Turn your favorite hobby into a profession by getting a job as a video game tester. Glow Images/Getty Images

Video game testers can try out games either on site at the developer's headquarters or at home with their own system. Some companies hire testers as paid positions, while others simply offer their fans the opportunity to test new games. Microsoft regularly invites the general public to sign up for studies in its Washington state headquarters. If selected for a study, you answer questions, play some new games and come home with software in your pocket as compensation [source: Microsoft].

The biggest qualification is that you should be a fan of video games and understand how they work. Testers must be task-oriented, observant and willing to play a game over and over to check for certain details. In the case of Microsoft (and likely other big game companies), even kids under 12 can sign up to test new products.