Precut Veggies and Fruit

Chop up your own veggies rather than buying them precut.

Doug Menuez/Valueline/Thinkstock

It doesn't get more convenient than precut fruits and vegetables. In 2010, consumers spent more than $600 million on premade salads. Precut fruits and veggies are easy to toss into a child's lunch or put in your briefcase as a healthy snack. They save you time. But they don't save you money. You'll pay up to 40 percent more for the honor of having someone else slice up your produce!

You'll get more bang for your buck by breaking out the cutting board and chopping them yourself. It really doesn't take all that much time. Also, consider this: Once you cut up fruits and veggies, they start losing Vitamin C. So, you really should cut them right before you consume them.

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