Don't Rely on Just Classified Ads
Woman looking through classifieds

These days, you'll have to look for jobs beyond just the newspaper classifieds.

Nash Photos/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Picture a well-dressed man in a fedora. He pounds the pavement each day in search of a job. In his hand is a folded-up newspaper listing local firms that are hiring. This might be a good scene for a 1940s movie, but it doesn't represent an effective job search for the 21st century. Most experts believe that very few job openings are advertised through classified ads, so if you're pinning all of your job hopes on the few weekly help-wanted ads in your area, you might be searching a while.

That's not to say that you can't find a job from the classifieds -- which these days include not only local newspaper ads, but also online classified ads (found at places such as Craigslist.org) and entries listed on large, online job search engines (such as Monster.com) -- it's just that it's not the only place you should be searching. Look at it this way: If your job search were equivalent to an Internet connection, a classifieds-only search would be similar to using a dial-up modem -- it might help you get where you want to go, but it won't do so as effectively or quickly as a high-speed connection.

So where else besides classifieds should you be looking? Keep reading to expand your employment hunt beyond the help-wanted ads.