5 Jobs for People Who Love Kids


Ice Cream Truck Driver

If you want to make a kid happy -- and we mean really happy -- then all you have to say are two simple words: ice cream. And if you want to spend your day bringing cold, creamy happiness to hundreds of neighborhood kids, all you have to do is find yourself a reasonably priced truck with a rotating soft-serve twisty cone on the roof.

As for job qualifications for ice cream truck drivers, there aren't too many. A good memory for multiple ice cream orders is a plus, as is the ability to quickly and accurately make change. Most employers will require a clean driving record, so keep it slow and safe on the roads. You're not going to get rich selling ice cream sandwiches and rocket pops all summer, but there are worse ways to spend your break. The only downside to driving an ice cream truck is the music, which could very well drive you crazy.

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