5 Fun Jobs If Money Is No Object


Ski Patrol

Ski resorts are a popular vacation destination, but what if skiing was actually your job? All major winter recreation areas employ a ski patrol whose members get to break fresh powder while monitoring activity on the mountain and assisting guests who become lost or injured. It's hard to say exactly how many people work this job each winter, because the Bureau of Labor Statistics lumps ski patrol in with lifeguards and other recreational protective service workers. However, the bureau lists 6,530 people employed under this category in the ski-friendly states of Colorado, Montana, Idaho and Wyoming.

While ski patrollers get to live and work in some of the most beautiful country that the United States has to offer, they don't get rich doing it. The average annual salary for such workers in the four states mentioned above is just $20,010 [source: BLS]. There is usually one major perk to this job, however: all the skiing you want, free of charge.