5 Fun Jobs If Money Is No Object


Gaming Dealer

There's something incredibly thrilling about the lights and crowds of an upscale casino. At the center of this excitement are the dealers, who, with one flip of a card, can send a table into lucky celebration or penniless defeat. Their responsibilities include operating table games, dispensing cards, distributing winnings, and collecting players' money or chips.

While gaming dealers have the ability to put a great deal of money into other people's pockets, they're unlikely to put much into their own. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 85,430 Americans were employed in this capacity in 2010, earning an average annual salary of just $21,820. In Nevada, the state most associated with gambling, wages are even lower -- just $17,010 on average per year [source: BLS].

As the saying goes, "the house always wins." But if you're a dealer, you may not win by much.