How Red Barons Antiques Works

The Red Baron auction floor
The Red Baron auction floor

Each day of the two-day auction, approximately 1,000 people pack the Red Baron auction house. Caterers, cocktail waitresses, auctioneers, and the antiques crew work frenetically throughout the day to keep up with the pace of the all-day auction.

By the end of the auction weekend, almost 3,000 pieces will have moved across the auction floor. Four auctioneers rotate throughout the day, selling an item a minute. TV monitors above the floor show each piece as the auctioneer rattles off a description and guides the bidding. Pieces worth $20,000 to $50,000 are sold in the blink of an eye.

TV monitors are used to give bidders an up-close glimpse of items outdoors and on the auction floor.

Red Baron's crew carefully move pieces from storage to the auction floor and back into the storage area in minutes. During the recent auction, Red Baron sold an entire six piece, $150,000 library and fireplace, with pieces measuring up to thirteen feet in height!

This six-piece hand carved library was estimated to sell for $150,000 during the auction.

Once a piece is sold and Red Baron has received payment, the purchaser is responsible for getting the item home. Red Baron does not handle delivery, but does recommend shipping companies.

Not everybody can walk away with a bundle of magnificent antiques, of course. But even with a light wallet, Red Baron's Antiques' auctions are a lot of fun. Many Atlantans show up just to check out some cool stuff, learn some interesting history and rub elbows with millionaires in full spending mode. For more information about Red Baron and other auctions, check out the links below

Auctioneers guide the sale of one of the pieces of art auctioned at Red Baron's Antiques.

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