10 Breaks Retirees Get That Working People Don't



In this time of rising fuel costs and fierce competition for passengers, airlines are condensing legroom, charging for baggage, cutting flights and charging premiums for everything from choosing seats to overhead bin priority. Many airlines have also cut reduced fares for seniors. Not so at some, like Southwest Airlines, where passengers aged 65 or older get deep discounts on flights, especially those that are unlikely to fill. Searching for senior flights early in 2011 returned an average 40 percent price reduction over standard, adult fares. For example, a roundtrip ticket from Los Angeles to Newark in April 2011 was listed standard at $489 and $263 for seniors.

Many other airlines offer reduced fares for seniors, though they may ask you to enroll in senior travel programs, and most require you to call rather than simply clicking a senior option when booking travel online.