10 Breaks Retirees Get That Working People Don't



Have you noticed that banking seems to cost more money these days? Features like overdraft protection, credit protection and fees for services including bill pay or identity protection can quickly make an account with the hook of free checking as pricey as a trip to the dentist's office (and about as much fun). That is, unless you do your homework. Some companies, like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, offer special programs for mature customers, usually starting at age 50. It's worth asking for deals at smaller banks, too.

Generally, banking programs for retirees add features from a large menu of possible options. Popular additions include doing away with the minimum balance requirement and offering free safe deposit boxes, unlimited check writing and identity protection. Again, it's worth shopping around. If your favorite local bank that you've been with for decades doesn't currently offer discounted programs for seniors, you might consider proposing the freebies you can get elsewhere.