10 Breaks Retirees Get That Working People Don't

College Tuition
Want to take computer classes? Ask your local colleges about discounted rates and scholarships.
Want to take computer classes? Ask your local colleges about discounted rates and scholarships.
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Have you heard that learning keeps the brain young? And what better place to learn than college? Alaska, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, Maryland, New Jersey, Vermont and Virginia all have statewide tuition waivers for students starting at ages ranging from 62 to 65 years old. Many other states allow senior citizens to audit classes for free or at drastically reduced rates -- meaning that while you may not be working toward a degree, you can scratch that longtime itch to know more about Slavic history, learn a foreign language or take lessons in music composition.

Additionally, scholarships exist specifically for senior citizens. Call your local college for more information. Community colleges and online education programs are also likely to waive or reduce fees for seniors.

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