Understanding the Health Care Exemption Form

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Author's Note: Understanding the Health Care Exemption Form

The launch of Healthcare.gov back in 2013 was a technological fiasco. The government's servers collapsed under the weight of a flood of applicants. I was one of many health insurance shoppers waiting for weeks to access the site and look for plans. The 2014 open enrollment period launched a few days ago, and while the technological glitches are gone, there is still much that can be improved in the way that health insurance is sold in America. My chief complaint is with the abundance of confusing terminology: copayments vs. coinsurance, in-network vs. out-of-network. bronze vs. gold vs. platinum. I consider myself a moderately intelligent person, but the only thing I can reasonably understand are the premiums, which appear to be going up this year. How far of a drive is Canada?

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