5 Advantages to Doing Your Own Taxes

You'll Get Your Refund Faster
Watch your refund pop out almost instataneously when you e-file. Alex Slobodkin/iStock/Thinkstock

When you take matters of the tax type into your own hands, you're in charge. Master of your own destiny. Able to pull the trigger (or click the mouse) at will. But when you turn the intimate details of your financial life over to a tax professional, it's possible to wind up waiting, waiting and waiting some more. Tax pros simply have a lot on their respective plates during crunch time, and it's easy for your financials to get stuck on the back burner in favor of more complex (read: lucrative) clients, or simply lost in the shuffle.

By opting instead for full control, you can easily determine when you file, and by extension when you start the refund or payment process. If you're due a refund but you didn't hand your materials to your accountant until mid-March, you might be waiting quite a while for it as he or she tries to juggle all the other clients. If you do the taxes yourself, you don't have to wait your turn. And the time it takes to do it is not that long either. One reviewer who compared three different tax services found that it took between 31 and 54 minutes to process her federal and state returns, depending on the service she used [source: Botkin].