5 Advantages to Doing Your Own Taxes

It can be easy to do your own taxes. AndreyPopov/iStock/Thinkstock

If you think paying taxes now is a pain, be glad you don't live in ancient times. Joseph and ready-to-pop-with-child Mary trekked a hundred desert-filled miles to Bethlehem to fork over what little money they had. Heck, even my parents had it worse than we do currently, with their shoeboxes full of receipts, manual calculators, No. 2 pencils and paper IRS booklet ... and that wasn't even that long ago!

Doing your own taxes is now easier than ever, thanks to the various software options, Internet resources and mobile apps designed to help you get your due (or give it back to the government). The relatively user-friendly process is luring increasingly more people to do their own taxes, with 27 million people — a 6 percent increase — in home computer-filed returns in 2014. By contrast, returns e-filed by tax professionals dropped 2.2 percent [source: IRS].

If you're considering a switch, or simply looking to reaffirm your resolve as your own tax advocate, check out these five advantages to taking a do-it-yourself tax approach.